March 10


We had an amazing time on Thursday at the DANCE-A-THON!

Much Music came and did an amazing video dance and light show.

We danced, Whipped Na-Nae and  Ju-Ju on that Beat!

The school raised just over $9000.00!

Thank you to all the teachers who posted prizes.

Classroom winners:

Jason – The Art Package

Liam – Tim Horton’s Gift Card


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March 10



Unfortunately we will not get another skate day – our skating season is over 🙁

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who made themselves available

and a BIG shout out to Ms. Speers who organized this for the school.

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March 10


Hi Parents,

As the DreamBox and math lead for the school I wanted to share this amazing opportunity for our school and classroom. DreamBox is offering a “nation wide” challenge to all students and schools using the program.  Teachers have been asked to register their classroom for the challenge.  Students compete to complete the most DreamBox Learning lessons over the course of three weeks.

The math challenge is a win for everyone. Students quickly ramp up math skills, plus they get early access to the best best new DreamBox features, including student-facing lesson tracking.

PRIZES INCLUDE- 5 Chromebooks for a classroom, gift cards, t-shirts, backpacks!

The challenge starts MONDAY MARCH  13th (First day of March Break) through MARCH 31st



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March 6




We are just wrapping up our books clubs, students are now working with their group members creating a “book report” through Google Slide Show and some would like to present with a Green Screen. For those students who are BYOD, feel free to add the app “Do Ink” – it does cost $3.99. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a fabulous app to experiment with for future presentations.

We have been doing a lot of reading on NEWS-O-MATIC, a great app with real world news written for kids. Our grade 3’s explode into an inquiry of questions about the world through the articles we read.  We have developed these questions into a ‘google research project’. Students were asked to pick something they find interesting, and create 5-7 questions about the topic that they would like to know more about. From that, each student met with myself to make sure we had questions that would provoke deep learning.

Some of our topic’s include:

  • how baseball was created
  • the atmosphere
  • the northern lights
  • who created basketball
  • 7 new planets
  • frogs
  • animals that flow


We are exploring fractions in the real world. Today we used Proportional Rods to provoke conversations about whole, halves, thirds and quarters. Students are working on a Dreambox assignment involving fractions, time and money (which all interrelated).


We are skating tomorrow at Ray Twinney and we will be walking over. If you would like to join us feel free to walk with us, we will be leaving the school around 9:30a.m. Skating from 10am- 11am and then walking back.


Just a reminder March Break starts March 13th – 17th. We are back to school March 20th.





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March 1



I’m so sorry, the office has just let me know they had to change our skate day again 🙁

The snow day has caused a ripple affect with our skating dates and we are trying our best to organize classes.  We will not be skating this week. 

We will skate TUESDAY MARCH 7th from 10-11am AT RAY TWINNEY.

We will be walking to the arena with the grade 4’s.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the office.

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